Abortion self-care is an abortion with pills without a prescription. The woman manages as much of the process as she wants on her own, with or without the involvement of a health provider. Abortion self-care is on the rise globally due to the increasing availability of simple, safe, highly effective medications, and because women’s need for safe abortion, on their own terms, is not being met.

Ipas’s approach to abortion self-care is simple: Abortion self-care is health care. Research and evidence show that women can safely and effectively self-manage an abortion with pills when they have accurate information about the dosing regimen and when to seek treatment for complications. We are committed to supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion using pills—on her own, when and where she wants—and to pursuing new models of self-care in the vision of women’s wants and needs.

We work to generate new evidence, share knowledge and explore clinical and regulatory questions within this rapidly evolving area so that, ultimately, women have the resources, support and care they need to manage their reproductive lives. We work in communities to train clinical and non-clinical providers who are already supporting women in abortion self-care to use the safest methods. And we tackle legal barriers to abortion self-care, including laws that criminalize self-care.

“Many women are choosing to self-manage their own abortion with pills. We need to ensure that they have the information and support they need.”

– Vinoj Manning, Executive Director, Ipas Development Foundation, India

Self-managing abortions safely

Vinoj Manning, Executive Director of Ipas Development Foundation in India, writes about Indian women’s use of abortion with pills and how to break down the barriers they face.
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