In our ongoing work to train health professionals and support health systems in providing safe abortion care, we have developed many resources, tools and job aids for clinicians and other health professionals, as well as for trainers in safe abortion care.

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You can also view our collection of safe abortion care training materials designed to meet the varied needs of health systems.

Training resources

Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health

Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health is specially designed to provide concise, easy-to-read information about a wide spectrum of topics related to abortion care. Our team of experts combines the latest evidence with lessons learned in collaboration with health professionals globally to produce broadly relevant and useful clinical recommendations.

Available as PDF

Medical Abortion (MA) Supply Guidance

This simple supply management tool will enable you to quickly and easily calculate your facility's average monthly consumption of misoprostol (and mifepristone, depending on your setting) and recommended minimum and maximum inventory levels.

MVA Supply Guidance

This easy-to-use online tool is for health facility supply managers and distributors who calculate the number of manual vacuum aspirators (MVA) to keep in stock in health facilities.


IpasUniversity, or IpasU, is your gateway to learning about safe abortion and postabortion care. Courses in English and Spanish are designed for clinicians and other professionals who work in reproductive health programming.

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